Tank Stars cheats, tips & strategy guide

Tank Stars cheats, tips & strategy guide: –

1.) Move or Get In Range

After the battle starts, if it’s your turn, then you should move closer to the enemy, because, from the starting point, you can not target the enemy accurately. If it’s enemy turn first, then chances are he will move towards you. Additionally, it depends on the tank weapons; for instance; Specter’s weapons’ range is low. And if the enemy is far away from you, then you can not deal damage. So, try to move as per the tank’s weapons. If you have long-ranged weapons and you can attack from a range, then stay there and fire! If not, then move closer, but not too! check now

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2.) Adjust the power and angle

Well, you should not miss any opportunity! Upon your turn, adjust the power and angle accurately to deal damage perfectly. And it also depends on the situation; for instance, if you and enemy are very close; then it would be better to strike with low power because an explosive attack can also hurt your tank. If there is a long distance between your tank and enemy tank, then attack with full power.

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3.) Grab The Supply Drop

Tank StarsIn the battle, after a few turns, a chest will appear on the battlefield. This chest contains a 5-star weapon card. Grab it before your opponent and then tap the reload icon and choose that 5-star weapon. A 5-star weapon deals massive damage and increases the chances of getting the victory.

4.) Complete The Daily Missions

You will get an epic chest if you complete the daily missions. Tap the calendar icon on the top-right side of the screen and complete the daily missions. You could get tank cards or weapon cards or a bag of coins.

5.) Complete Tournament Battles

In Tank Stars game, it is one of the best ways to acquire premium chests for free; complete all the tournament modes and claim three premium chests for free. However, you can not select same tanks over and over again. Read the modes guide above for more info.

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6.) Upgrade Weapons and Tanks

To increase the HP of tanks in Tank Stars game, upgrade it. And to increase the deal damage, upgrade the weapons. Upgrading requires tank cards and weapon cards. Here’s how to obtain: –

After the battle, watch the video ad and claim the chest

Complete daily missions

Complete tournament daily

Claim free chest after every 30 minutes in the chest tab

7.) Build the tank team

As you know, you can not select same tanks over and over again in tournament mode. For instance, in the easy mode[tournament], you selected Abrams tank and Coalition tank. Then you cannot select these two tanks in normal mode. Similarly, if you selected Buratino and Frost tanks in normal mode, then you cannot select these two tanks in legendary mode. So, you need at least 6 tanks to complete all the sub-modes in tournament mode

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