How to stop cat from peeing on carpet

It is imperative you fully clean away the urine smell in your quest to stopping your cat from peeing. You may notice your cat pees in the same spot on the carpet each time, and this is because it smells like them. Cats have a habit of peeing in areas or on objects which smell like them or like another cat’s urine.

Utilize these steps to ensure the urine smell is fully gone:

  1. Blot the urine immediately with a damp rag or paper towel
  2. Sprinkle a small amount of baking soda on the area, and allow it to dry overnight
  3. In the morning, vacuum up the now dry baking soda
  4. Spray the area with a mixture of one part distilled white vinegar to two parts of water
  5. Allow the area to air dry

You may need to repeat the steps above up to three times to get rid of the smell fully, as cat urine possesses a very strong odor.

how to stop your cat from peeing on the carpet

If, after repeating the above steps, the urine smell is still not gone, or if staining has occurred, it may be necessary to replace your carpet. If you need to replace the carpet, ensure the padding underneath is also replaced. The padding is what is often actually holding the smell, especially if urine has been allowed to sit for any extended amount of time.

how to stop cat from peeing on carpet

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