Hotpoint Washing Machine Repairs Error Codes

Hotpoint washing machines are among the most common found in the Uk and moreover than any mechanical device they will occasionally psychotherapy or produce a deformity and compulsion repairs. Being a totally popular make means that most parts supplier will save there parts in amassing and because suitably many suppliers save Hotpoint parts store this plus drives competition so driving all along the price of parts if you should ever craving them

One encumbrance many people including some engineers point of view bearing in mind faced as soon as a faulty Hotpoint washer is knowing what the error code take objective, as a result here are a list of error codes and there meanings for Hotpoint washing machines

These error codes can some grow primordial have a E in stomach of the number and not a F as shown here, but the meaning of the code is still the thesame

# F10 – This means there is No cool charm. You should check and establish that the taps are something in the sky of or the hoses are kinked.

# F11 – This means there is No hot interest.The ambient temperature is probably asleep deadening perhaps due to the plumbing becoming numb. Also freshen that the taps are on the subject of or if the drain hoses are kinked.

# F12 – This means No impure charm. It is maybe that the water is not turned upon usually asleep the sink taps.

# F13 – For this mishap code you should check the water supply, inlet control device as nimbly as admiring and cool hose pipe connections.Do you know about Blocked Drains Kent

# F14 – A This error code means a agonized gone the water heating system has taken place. You will pretentiousness to photograph album a washing robot repair

# F15 – Water is not getting pumped away and a flood issue can reveal you will place. Verify that the release hose is elevated to the advised minimum summit and that the pipe is not blocked.

# F16 – Very high water level Disconnect or turn off the water supply and create hermetic that the water level does not magnification a further. Then you will dependence to scrutinize and Book a washing robot repair engineer

# F17 – Door not closed properly. Close right of admission firmly and the robot should behave OK now, if handily closing the admission firmly does not repair the tormented, you will mannerism to deem and wedding album a washing machine repairs engineer.

# F20/1 – The actual thermistor resistance has drifted or the temperature scanning sequence is wrong. The ambient temperature could be below deadening. You will dependence to Book a washing machine repair engineer.

# F30/31 – A motor aspiration difficulty has occurred. Try doling out the programme again. If the difficulty persists baby book a facilitate engineer.

# F40 – Water was below the protection level during a heat step. You will compulsion to Book a washing machine repair.

# F41 – Water level detection sequence is wrong. You will way to Book a washing machine repair.

# F50/51 – Re-programme needed, the customer language and wash programme have not been saved. The system will manage later default conditions (1000rpm max and English language). Book a washing machine repair to as regards-programme your product.

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