All about Custom Boxes to Create an Unforgettable Brand Promotion Experience

All about Custom Boxes to Create an Unforgettable Brand Promotion Experience

Building your brand identity is equally as important as marketing your products or selling your services. But it is not something which happens overnight. To build a strong brand identity to need to invest your time and money in the promotion of the brand and strive hard to provide a wonderful brand promotion experience to your customers. Brand promotion is a long-run marketing strategy which is always at the top for a company.

Brand Promotion Experience through Custom Boxes:

Every company promotes its brand through a number of ways to set their products apart from those of competitors. Some of the ways include online advertisement, marketing, promotions, use of attractive logo or website, print media and social networking etc. But one of the best ways by which a company can effectively promote its products is by using custom packaging. Packaging is the thing which speaks itself and makes people enjoy a wonderful experience with the brand. If you wish to build a strong brand it requires a consistent interaction with the customers and custom packaging is the best way to do so. With the help of custom printed boxes, you can create an unforgettable brand promotion experience with your customers making them remember your service for a long time. Below are some of the simple ways to achieve it:


  • Focus on your brand first:

The first way to create brand promotion through the use of custom boxes is to remain focus on your brand. The consumer needs drastically change with each passing day. Therefore the concept of packaging and promotion has also evolved over the last decade. Adopting such packaging which fulfils the customer’s requirement is necessary but in this step never forgets what your brand is about. Even before you start to finalize the packaging design have a clear understanding of your brand and its packaging idea. Making an effective custom packaging design is not just limited to how beautifully you interact with the colours, rather it explains how effectively your brand value is translated to the users. So always go for a packaging design by remaining focused towards your brand.

  • Simplicity goes a long way:

Complex packaging structures, especially in the case of retail products, can create an opposite effect then you have expected if you do not plan it with extreme care. They create a negative initial impression thus hindering the customers to make a repetitive purchase. The main way to overcome this is to design simple custom printed boxes with tuck ends. Instead of combining your different resources to create a single unique structure, remain confined to a single colour and use little creativity with it. This might cost you less and draw the maximum attention of the customers towards the artistic design and artwork of your custom boxes.

  • Build customer relationships with creative inserts and support cushions etc.

When customers return to your brand it is not only because of the fact that they liked your product, rather they enjoyed your service and the way you engaged them with the product. If you wish to create an interesting brand promotion experience, you need to leave a long lasting impression on the minds of customers. For this, consider various aspects of custom boxing like incorporate inserts and support cushions to enhance an aesthetic view. Such custom printed boxes can create a “wow moment” for the customers as they use your products and provide a pleasant experience.

  • Provide Interesting Unboxing Experience:

Whenever you think to design a custom printed box, the main point to consider is how your customers react as they open the box. Creating a memorable unboxing experience is a necessary step of brand promotion and they make the customers engaged in your products. It is all about selling your brand, then building anticipation that your customers will continue their purchase behavior and how fascinatingly they share the unboxing experience with their friends. Designing the box interior in an unexpected way creates the element of surprise for the user each time when he purchases your product. You may consider some of the following elements to provide an interesting unboxing experience:

  • Tissue Paper:

When the customers open the packaging box and they find the products wrapped in a tissue paper it takes their excitement to another level. The factor of mystery increases as they move towards unboxing their product. Use a custom printed tissue paper or a simple coloured one.

  • Filler:

The use of filler material like foam inserts, bubble wrap, Styrofoam peanuts or air pillows is one of the interesting ways to engage your customers in your product and to provide an alluring view of the items inside.

  • Stickers:

A sticker can be used in many ways like if you use the tissue paper, you can fix a branded sticker to seal it. Another option is to use it as an alternative to custom printing on your box. Stickers are cost-effective and versatile.

  • Promotional Material like Business Card:

Use of business card in a custom box packaging is an inexpensive way to add a promotional piece to your package. You can use it to give the recipient an extra discount on his next purchase. This will be an interesting mean to generate a positive word of mouth.

  • Custom Note:

Providing a handwritten or a printed short note to the customers add to a personal touch and make people realize the worthiness of your brand.

  • Tape:

There exist various options of coloured and printed tape to compliment your package.

  • Gift:

Presenting a small gift is an enchanting way to delight and surprise your customers. Refer the following video for more details of unboxing. Hope our article provides a clear understanding about custom boxes to create an unforgettable brand promotion experience.

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