Aluminium Die Casting Manufacture

CN Maufacture Tech(Dong Guan CengLong Is situated in DongGuan China which is the manufacturing city in GuangDong of China. We are very close to HongKong. These arrangements target to provide precision service for Die casting/Aluminum casting to our customers, and assist to speed aspect of customer end.

We commit to response your requirements questions promptly, and love to share our industrial knowledge and experience to potential customers. The goal of CNM is to provide one step service for our customers. Our professional execution of project management and quality control to ensure that our customers will be satisfied by our quality and lead time.

CNM has more than 20 years experience in casting manufacturing. have die casting manufacture machines from 60 T to 2000T.Our service including  communications chassis body, automotive aluminum parts, LED display cabinet, LED lamp shell,Agriculture,Appliance,Communications,Construction,Electronics,Hardware,Medical, sport equipment, Pump Products, all kinds of small or large scale castings.
Our mechanical engineer can speak English directly with our customers, this will save lots of communication time for every project, all of our mechanical engineers have more than 12 years working experience in hardware, this rich working experience 
will help our customers foresee all aspects of the die casting manufacture tooling design and manufacturing issues. By feasibility analysis (DFM) to solve your question before or productions.

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