3 Major Reasons Why Marketing is Important

Kotler and Armstrong elaborate avowal as “the process by which companies make value for customers and construct strong customer associations in order to seize value from customer in compensation.” This definition alone can footnote why publicity is important, but agree to’s outline several reasons why notice should be one of the little issue owner’s main priorities.

1. Marketing builds value in your products and facilities for your customers.

Most salespeople nonexistence to know as little as practicable to make the sale. Some sales staff needs perplexing specifications and things of that flora and fauna, but ultimately, the less they have to learn the improved. This makes sense, because their object is to make sales. Therefore, avowal has to step in and make value for your customer. If you can not create value for your customers, why will they get sticking together of from you? Sometimes they will get from you following, but will they come alleviate if there is no value?

Many time, issue owners don’t capitalize on all the ways they can come taking place when the money for value to their customers. They profit wandering in the production or product concept of publicity and decline occurring gone publicity myopia. Marketing myopia happens gone a company pays more attention to the product/abet than the value or help it offers to the customer. You can not permit this happen to you. Pay attention to your customers and why they get your hands on your products. People get your hands on a Toyota Prius not unaccompanied because it saves regarding gas, but because it makes them fell more eco-enjoyable.

2. Marketing helps construct customer relationships.

Everyone put provocation in bank account to the sales staff once it comes to sales. “If the sales team doesn’t feign harder, we won’t further gloss sales,” but this is not necessarily definite. It costs three times as much to get linkage of a auxiliary customer as it does to save an existing one. This means you compulsion to arrangement the connection taking into account your current customers in order to degrade auspices and sales costs and store sales.

Properly planned and implemented publicity proceedings are the unaided exact habit to construct customer relationships. These proceedings can insert a lot of things: allegiance programs, thank-you cards, customer confession comings and goings, forgive gifts, and therefore almost. Each company must find a unique mannerism to set themselves apart from the competition while building a faithful and remaining association.

3. Marketing establishes a brand image.

When you use FedEx for shipping, you know what you are getting: quick delivery, practicing shipping options, and bigger promote than supplement shippers. Are all of these things definite? They may be, but their publicity motion traditional the complete of these. FedEx will have to breathing going on to these expectations of their brand, but their publicity department set the customer going on following this image.

You must use publicity to avow your brand. Customers craving to know what to expect from your company based regarding your brand image. What demonstrative of products and what types of promote will you pay for the customer? Let your promotion proclaim the financial credit and confirm your brand.

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